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Diciembre 2020


Noviembre 2020

Los panameños lucharon casi 100 años para tener soberanía y terminar entregándosela a la ONU.


Octubre 2020

Es que el problema no es ese, sino saber si lo que estás diciendo es cierto o falso. Ni la ONU ni nadie me puede obligar a decir cosas que no son verdaderas (STA) y tampoco tengo la obligación de cometer actos inmorales si me lo solicitan (ONU confirmed). Además, las oenegés no dan órdenes sino "recomendaciones" y cada país tiene libertad de ajustarlas a su realidad nacional (ONU confirmed).

Comunión Tradicionalista La pandemia educativa de la ministra Celaá

Parte I

Parte II
Imitadora de Robespierre, del Estado Soviético y de Laurence Rossignol, la ministra Celaá no ha hecho sino repetir una de las máximas más escandalosas de la pedagogía revolucionaria.


Septiembre 2020

Nicolás Gómez Dávila, filósofo colombiano (1913-1994).

Francisco Cuena Boy Orden, jerarquía e igualdad en el pensamiento de Nicolás Gómez Dávila (archivo PDF)
Foro, Nueva época, vol. 19, núm. 2 (2016)
Lo que, en cambio, no ha suprimido el igualitarismo es la «desigualdad meramente económica», como la llama Gómez Dávila, sino que la ha conservado o ha permitido su conservación hasta el punto de que la riqueza se ve consagrada hoy como único cimiento de la superioridad. Además, dado que «los ricos no son inofensivos sino donde una aristocracia los desdeña», el ocaso de la nobleza en la sociedad igualitaria ha supuesto la eliminación no de los ricos, sino sólo de los ricos decentes 212; de la posibilidad, cabría parafrasear, de ser rico y decente, de ser rico decentemente.
Michael Hoffman
What Does Rabbinic Judaism Say About What Makes Jews and Gentiles Different?
The Unz Review: An Alternative Media Selection
Vincent Clark
The Deconstructionist Ghost in the Textualist Machine
Ius & Iustitium
Patricio Padilla
Making America Socialist

Tradition in Action

I. Conquering & Reconquering the Americas

II. Reconquering Venezuela… & Spain

III. Same Leftist Strategy Makes Morales President of Bolivia

IV. Imposing Communism on Ecuador

The rich history of Spain includes the episodes of the Reconquista (Reconquest) of almost all its territory that had been invaded by the Muslims, who ruled the Iberian Peninsula for eight centuries. The heroic Reconquista was led by great heroes like Don Pelayo, El Cid and the Catholic Kings.

After centuries the Spanish influence in the Americas is still alive and strong. Now, however, many of those who cross the Ocean do not come to expand the Catholic Faith, but to expand the Revolution and to subject the peoples of American nations to a socialist slavery.
Alexander Solzhenitsyn Live not by Lies
Orthodoxy Today
Monseñor Carlo Maria Viganò ¿Se puede interpretar el Vaticano II a la luz de la Tradición?
22 de septiembre de 2020

El superdogma del Concilio
6 de septiembre de 2020

COVID, aborto y destrucción de la familia
25 de agosto de 2020

Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now
6 de junio de 2020
La Gran Época
Cómo el espectro del comunismo rige nuestro mundo


Agosto 2020

El cabal ordenó a sus sirvientes en el gobierno y la prensa canallesca la tarea de convencer al pueblo de que, por motivo de un virus con tasa de mortalidad parecida a la del resfriado, era necesario suspender las libertades y demostrar lealtad al reino universal de terror covidiano.

Aristides Castro ¿Qué son los derechos?
Panamá América
Randy Engel Organizational and Political Strategies
The Rite of Sodomy: Homosexuality and the Roman Catholic Church
Estados Unidos, 2006.
The Homosexual Collective's overall political base is constructed on a refinement of Hegelian and Marxist-Leninist theories and practices. It is first and foremost through this political prism that all of its pronouncements, actions, and institutions must be viewed if one hopes to gain a true understanding of the movement.31 Much of the Collective's success thus far in advancing its revolutionary agenda has been due to its continued ability to:

Conceal its ultimate goals from the general public. Recruit large numbers of new members and fellow travelers. Establish numerous front organizations. Control the language of public discourse. Infiltrate, colonize and subvert important secular and religious institutions. Organize public demonstrations and crusades designed to move "the masses" in the direction that the Collective desires. Obtain government (tax monies) and private financial resources necessary to wage war and secure a significant political power base. Influence and/or control the mass media whereby public opinion will be directed along the lines prescribed by the Collective.
Angelo Codevilla The COVID Coup and How to Unlock Ourselves
The American Mind
What history will record as the great COVID scam of 2020 is based on 1) a set of untruths and baseless assertions—often outright lies—about the novel coronavirus and its effects; 2) the production and maintenance of physical fear through a near-monopoly of communications to forestall challenges to the U.S. ruling class, led by the Democratic Party, 3) defaulted opposition on the part of most Republicans, thus confirming their status as the ruling class’s junior partner. No default has been greater than that of America’s Christian churches—supposedly society’s guardians of truth. Since obfuscation, pretense, and lies concerning the COVID-19 are the effective agents of the panic and of the seizure of arbitrary power, truth and clarity about it are the foundational requirements for escaping its effects. Here is a dose.
John Lamont Tyranny and sexual abuse in the Catholic Church: A Jesuit tragedy
Rorate Caeli
October 27, 2018
The intellectual origins of this conception of authority and obedience are largely to be found in nominalist theology and philosophy. William of Ockham notoriously came down on one side of the Euthyphro dilemma by asserting that good actions are good simply because they are commanded by God, and that God could make idolatry, murder, and sodomy good, and abstention from these actions evil, if he commanded that they be performed. This conception of divine authority lends support to a tyrannical understanding of authority in general as based on the arbitrary will of the possessor of power, rather than on law.

A law-based understanding of authority, in contrast, holds that law derived from the nature of the good provides the source of the authority of a ruler, and delimits the sphere in which a ruler can give commands. Scholars have long known that the dominance of nominalist thought in the fourteenth century left its mark on Catholic thought for centuries, with key nominalist theses remaining entrenched even in scholars who believed themselves to be upholding anti-nominalist traditions. The nature of authority was one of these theses. Catholic theologians and philosophers during the Counter-Reformation all held that law and moral obligation are to be understood as resulting from the command of a superior; Suarez gave a characteristic description of law as ‘the act whereby a superior wills to bind an inferior to the performance of a particular deed.’
Augusto del Noce Why the Sexual Revolution is the Greatest Revolution
Humanum Review, 2018, Issue Three
Indeed, [Wilhelm] Reich’s thought is based on the premise, which of course is taken as unquestionably true without even a hint of a proof, that there is no order of ends, no meta-empirical authority of values. Any trace not just of Christianity but of “idealism” in the broadest sense, or of a foundation of values in some objective reality, like history according to Marx, is eliminated. What is man reduced to, then, if not to a bundle of physical needs? When these needs are satisfied—when, in short, every repression is removed—he will be happy. Nietzsche’s sentence about socialists comes to mind: “they wink because they have invented happiness.”[6] Few writers typify the character of the “inventor of happiness” as well as Reich does.


Julio 2020

¿Cómo agradecer a los grandes sabios? Desde Atenas no se concentraba tanta sabiduría en un solo pasillo.


Junio 2020

This. Yuri Bezmenov was right about everything.

Ἀριστείδης Talibanes refrigerados en PanaMacondo
Marxismo cultural en los tristes trópicos
Bishop Athanasius Schneider There is no common faith in God nor common adoration of God shared by Catholics and Muslims
Andrzej Maryniarczyk Is the Human Soul Sexed? In Search for the Truth on Human Sexuality (PDF)
Studia Gilsoniana 9:1
Gender in this case is understood as performative social construct, first introduced by Judith Butler, and having its background in her theory of gender performativity. This theory was meant to replace all philosophical (and scientific) statements on human nature, sex differentiation, and the biological determination of the human being. In the context of this theory, gender identity can only be performed, which means that gender as such must be fluid. Holding fast to one’s own biological sex (i.e., being a cisgender person) is in total opposition to the endless performance that should have been taking place instead. And what is supposed to be performed is insubordination toward the truth, the nature, and facts. The cultural and ideological project that underpins the theory and notion of gender performativity is to destabilize all identities and categories related to sex and human sexuality.
Richard Higgins POTUS & Political Warfare
Unconstrained Analytics
May 2019
[F]orced inclusion of post-modern notions of tolerance is designed to induce nihilistic contradictions that reduce all thought, all faith, all loyalties to meaninglessness. Group rights based on sex or ethnicity are a direct assault on the very idea of individual human rights and natural law around which the Constitution was framed. “Transgender acceptance” memes attack at the most basic level by denying a person the right to declare the biological fact of one’s sex. When a population has 2 + 2 = 5 imposed on it, there are many that benefit: Mainstream Media (the principle mechanism for implementing narratives), The Academy (a principle counter-state node for some time and remains a key conduit for creating future adherents to cultural Marxist narratives and their derivative worldview), The Deep State (The successful outcome of cultural Marxism is a bureaucratic state beholden to no one, certainly not the American people. With no rule of law considerations outside those that further deep state power, the deep state truly becomes, as Hegel advocated, god bestriding the earth), Global Corporatists & Bankers, Democratic Leadership, Republican Leadership, Islamists (Islamists ally with cultural Marxist because, as far back as the 1980s, they properly assessed that the hard left has a strong chance of reducing Western civilization to its benefit. Having co-opted post-modern narratives as critical points, Islamists deploy these narrative to strategically blind and then control US decision makers. This is by design and purposeful. “By their own hands!” has been the declared strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood since 1991).
Anon Globalización de la buena: un pasiero al otro lado del planeta te explica Evangelion en un párrafo
WOW, interesting info! Of course, one of the most popular anime that exists is called Gospel of the New Century and is about a Jewish cult that worships Kabbalah and controls world industry and finance conducting a scientific experiment that causes a worldwide cataclysm which they use to consolidate power and control of the world under a UN-led global government which secretly is spending its resources on recreating the cataclysm that almost ended humanity because their doomsday cult is informed by a hidden version of the Bible they keep from the public. The heroes of the story include a German girl who enters into a final battle with the jewish-led UN's armed forces before they kill her and succeed in annihilating the entire planet in order to turn humanity into a communistic singular entity, which is only reversed by a whiny gay kid who tricked an alien. Acts as a rejection of both communism and eastern faiths (nirvana, the cycle of rebirth, renouncing suffering, etc.).
Ken Masugi Natural Justice: No Jurist has Done More than Clarence Thomas to Oppose the Progressive Synthesis of Leviathan and Anarchy
Claremont Review of Books
At Thomas’s urging, I wrote him brief memos about issues of the day—political, legal, and moral—and how they reflected deeper, abiding questions of political philosophy. When I gave him an essay by John Marini on the administrative state (this was in 1987), he scrawled on top of it, “i must see marini!” He soon hired Professor Marini, who has since added Unmasking the Administrative State (2019) to two previous books on the subject.


Mayo 2020

Adiós Florian Schneider, ¡qué grandes Kraftwerk!

Carta abierta Llamamiento para la Iglesia y para el mundo a los fieles católicos y a los hombres de buena voluntad
Obispo Athanasius Schneider El verdadero rostro de la francmasonería
En un discurso que pronunció en 2017 ante la Fundación Pontificia Kirche in Not (Ayuda a la Iglesia Necesitada) en Alemania, el obispo Athanasius Schneider presentó la historia y las principales características de la francmasonería. En su presentación, deja claro que la masonería está formando una “anti-Iglesia” y tiene, en sus grados más altos, una orientación satánica. El obispo Schneider pronunció este discurso con motivo del 300 aniversario de la fundación de la Francmasonería en 1717 en Inglaterra.
Dennis Behreandt Expert Testimony before Senate Contradicts Media’s COVID-19 Narrative
Tradition in Action
Vigilant Citizen The True Agenda of the WHO: A New World Order Modeled After China
Vigilant Citizen


Abril 2020

Michael Anton Draining the Swamp
Claremont Review of Books
Winter 2019
In February 2017, Steve Bannon—at the time, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist—made something of a splash at the Conservative Political Action Conference when he identified the third of the Trump Administration’s three core “lines of work,” after national sovereignty and economic nationalism, as the “deconstruction of the administrative state.”
Vincent Phillip Munoz The Founders in Full
Claremont Review of Books
Fall 2017
Duties and rights, properly understood, are not at odds.
SÍ SÍ NO NO La reimpresión del "Diccionario Bíblico" y Mons. Francesco Spadafora
Adelante la Fe
Judaísmo y Cristianismo
André García The Crusade of the 21st Century
Tradition in Action
September 24, 2008
Eileen Toplansky The Plague of Social Justice Indoctrination
American colleges and universities should dedicate themselves to a complex of linked goals: vocational training, the transmission of Western Civilization, character training, fostering virtuous citizenship, and the untrammeled search for truth.

Universities devoted to social justice hobble vocational training, cripple the transmission of Western Civilization, redefine character training as social justice propaganda, redefine fostering virtuous citizenship as social justice activism, and replace the academic's search for truth with the activist's search for power.
Alexander Wolfheze Reader’s Digest for a Postmodern Plague Season – Part 2
Arktos Journal
Perhaps the greatest task of metapolitical re-education — and de-conditioning — that awaits the New Right in the wake of the Corona Crisis is the re-appropriation of authentic demo-politics. The only true antidote to globalist Umvolkung and Entfolkung is found in an utter rejection of the historical-materialist règne de la quantité in the demo-political arena.

The New Right would do well to remember that the highest human archetypes of Western civilization are found in its non-reproducing top layer: the eternal-bachelor scientist, the lone-wolf philosopher, the true-celibate priest, the young-dying warrior, the forever-errant knight, the last-of-the-line noble scion. In a certain way, Western civilization aims at one thing only: the re-production of these higher archetypes.
Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira True & False Paths to Happiness

Tradition in Action

01 False Roads Men Take to Find Happiness

02 Happiness & Our Final End

03 The Happiness of an Idealistic Child

04 The Concept of First Innocence

05 Calmness, an Integral Part of Innocence

06 The Fight is another Dimension of Innocence

07 Innocence Reaches its Plentitude as One Matures

08 Innocence in Centuries Past

09 Is it Possible to Recover Innocence?

10 Fulfilling our Own Model Ideal

11 Sacral Contemplation, the Antidote to Secularism

12 Finding the Sacral in the Temporal Sphere

13 A Well-Ordered Temporal Society is a Symbol of God

14 Secular Relativism Destroys the Opposition between Good & Evil

15 Admiring the Superior & the Inferior

16 We Assimilate What We Admire

17 The Link between Reality & the Symbol

This is the notion of primeval innocence, the first innocence that fills us with enthusiasm for the things that really merit admiration.
Andrew Joyce On Jews and Mass Communications
The Occidental Observer


Marzo 2020

En secundaria, el profesor de español nos hacía leer unas novelas panameñas espantosas y decía que bueno, nuestro vino es amargo pero es nuestro vino.

Rafael Valera La contrarrevolución
PanAm Post
Kerry Bolton How Critical Theorists Respond to Criticism: A Case Study on the Banality of Leftist Academe
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Arktos Journal
The facts are that the oligarchic Foundations launched and promoted the social sciences under the auspices of Merriam, and others, whose doctrine was that of world-wide control through social engineering. That this doctrine accords with the policies and outlook of the Foundations that backed these academics, in particular the Carnegie Corporation and the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations, can be readily ascertained by perusing their publicly available annual reports.
Brenton Sanderson Mark Rothko, Abstract Expressionism, and the Decline of Western Art
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
The Occidental Observer
Ángel Bermúdez Las intervenciones armadas impulsadas por Cuba en América Latina
29 de marzo de 2019
Aunque los invasores lograron tomar el puerto colonial de Nombre de Dios, la pronta denuncia del mandatario Ernesto de la Guardia ante la OEA y la masiva movilización de fuerzas panameñas, estadounidenses y guatemaltecas derivó en la rápida rendición de los agresores. Fidel Castro, quien estaba de visita en Estados Unidos, intentó desligarse y calificó la operación como "vergonzosa, inoportuna e injustificada"; mientras que Ernesto "Che" Guevara aseguró que Cuba exportaba ideas revolucionarias pero no la revolución en sí misma. La Habana ofreció garantías a Panamá de que una agresión similar no sería permitida y logró que los detenidos cubanos fueron repatriados a la isla, donde supuestamente enfrentarían el riesgo de ser sometidos a un tribunal militar. Apenas un mes más tarde, todos estaban en libertad.
Aristides Castro Los derechos humanos en la nueva constitución
Panamá América
EFE Cerca de 24.000 personas de más de 50 nacionalidades, entre ellas India, Somalia, Camerún, Congo y Bangladesh, cruzaron la selva darienita en 2019
La Gran Época
Los [inmigrantes ilegales] son recibidos en la Estación de Recepción Migratoria de La Peñita, una de las zonas menos desarrolladas del país, y que a principios de 2019 se vio desbordada con la presencia de cerca de 5.000 personas en tránsito. Desde allí, las autoridades migratorias los transportan hasta el puesto fronterizo de Los Planes, provincia de Chiriquí, fronteriza con Costa Rica y 490 kilómetros de distancia.
Atila Sinke Guimarães Eternal Feminine: Is God Mother? Feminism in the Catholic Church
Tradition in Action
It is mythology that presents itself clearly, elegantly and with the power to seduce. This is quite different from the incoherent and arbitrary legends of the Eastern religions, of the banal secrets of occultism, of the erotic obsession of the Kabala, or of the deceitful methods of the gradual initiations that live by promising wisdom to fools, who are incapable of understanding it.


Febrero 2020

Para Roger Scruton, la tarea fundamental de la derecha consiste en el rescate del lenguaje de la política: en traer de vuelta a nuestro alcance lo que el newspeak nos arrebató con violencia.

@ElentirVigo Los desastres ecológicos del comunismo que ahora se propone salvar el planeta
Contando Estrelas /
29 de septiembre de 2019
@ElentirVigo Los más de 100 millones de muertos que causó el comunismo, divididos por países
Contando Estrelas /
17 de diciembre de 2017
@ElentirVigo Lenin: números, datos e imágenes de los crímenes del primer dictador comunista
Contando Estrelas /
8 de noviembre de 2016
Aristides Castro — Franklin Zeballos En recuerdo del profesor Roberto Arosemena
Timothy Flanders La destrucción del orden social por medio de la Reforma
Parte I
Parte II
One Peter Five
(en inglés)
Because pride sees power as the source of dignity, any power that is not equal — and thus every hierarchy in general — is viewed as an unjust rival. The Protestants’ answer to this perceived injustice was a constant revolution in order to wrest power from the “unjust oppressor.”
Julius Evola The Roman Conception of Victory
Arktos Journal
Sallust uses the expression ‘extremely religious mortals’ to describe the early Romans, and there is a saying by Cicero that ancient Roman civilisation superseded every other people or nation (omnes gentes nationesque superavimus) for its sense of the sacred.
Michael Warren Davis The Prophets of Post-Humanism
Crisis Magazine
If left unchecked, our economy will continue slouching towards Mr. Yang’s post-human dystopia. What, then, is the alternative? The answer is easier to articulate than to implement, but it’s perfectly obvious: we must bring jobs in manufacturing and agriculture back to the United States, and to support local crafts and the trades.
Rodrigo Vila El complot de los masones
Documental histórico
88 minutos, Argentina, 2012
Edit. [U]na de las facetas menos estudiadas de los próceres que dieron su vida por la independencia: el papel de las sociedades masónicas. El nuevo orden en Hispanoamérica.
Alex Newman La Gran Época

01 The Genesis of Public Schools: Collectivism and Failure

02 How Horace Mann Worked to Destroy Traditional Education—and America

03 How John Dewey Used Public ‘Education’ to Subvert Liberty

04 Dewey’s Public Schools Replaced Christianity with Collectivist Humanism

05 Socialists Used Public Schools to Destroy Literacy in America

06 Frankfurt School Weaponized US Education against Civilization

07 Big Foundations Unleashed Collectivist ‘Revolution’ via US Schools

08 Cómo los socialistas utilizaron sindicatos docentes para destruir la educación

09 UNESCO: adoctrinando a la humanidad con 'educación' colectivista

10 The Rise of ‘Fed Ed’ Sped Up the Demise of Real Education

11 Common Core, Still in Place, Nationalized Educational Quackery

12 Big Brother Schools Using Big Data to Manipulate and Spy on Kids

13 The Sordid History and Deadly Consequences of ‘Sex Education’ at School

14 Homeschooling Revolution Gets Coronavirus Boost

15 Historic Crossroads for Private Education: Boom or Bust?

16 Trading Academics for Far-Left ‘Social-Emotional Learning’

18 Schools Using Fake ‘History’ to Kill America

Rescuing Our Children Conference (video)

When examined honestly, the history of public education—and a study of the key men who laid the foundations for the system that now exists—reveals a long-term plan by Utopians to totally re-shape humanity and civilization along collectivist lines.


Enero 2020

Die Gelehrten, die Verkehrten.

Teresa García-Noblejas PIN Parental: al menos 286 casos de adoctrinamiento en ideología de género en España
Curzio Nitoglia No tenemos hermanos mayores
Julius Evola Essere Destra
Arktos Journal
20 de diciembre de 2019
This is the ‘decisionism’ of which de Maistre and Donoso Cortés spoke with reference to decisions constituting the limit-case, including all the responsibility which is connected thereto; this responsibility is to be taken on by a single person when he finds himself standing before the necessity of direct intervention, when the existing order has entered into crisis or new forces have debouched on the political scene.


Veinte Veinte, annus horribilis



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